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2019 Yamaha YZ250X First Ride Review

I decided to start a new post. We should have the engine tomorrow or Wednesday and we'll try to display it in A1: I guess, Reptil Racing my daddid a good job on the engine. Almost 8hp more than the stock bench mark. When history is written they will be the sons of bitches - not I. NeWskoolmxer wrote:. You'd have to test on the same dyno to have a good comparison. Dyno numbers fluctuate so much and it's tough to be accurate. Talking to Ron Hamp he said 70 at the crank is the most he has ever built.

But that was for flat track racing. Hoodie wrote:. Should go 6 races without any maintenance needed We have another engine for practice. DV, has anyone ridden it? A person is smart A group of people are only as smart as the loudest person in the room!

BornA'Lil2Slow wrote:. Rupert X. That hurts the driveability tremendously. May be a fun playbike but for SX I hope the rider is a gear banger.

Follow me on twitter williamsmotower if you're a gearhead you'll like the pics, and ask me tech tips. DV,after the 6 races you run with it maybe you could put out an itemized list of the exact amount of parts that were actually used The main place hes going to be in trouble is the start unfortunately. But I think he will make the night show and the main baring injury. I honestly am cheering for the guy. DV, seriously, and this isnt a 2s vs a 4s deal for me.

I think alot would be shocked and its interesting as hell to me. Sounds to me like you will be the one who is shocked: after every single night, sometimes once during the night, on a 2s.No hop-ups, just out-of-the-crate, bone-stock, head-to-head action. At the time, the YZ had already been unchanged for half a decade. Nevertheless, the smoker won by a landslide against the thumper.

Pound for pound, cc to cc, the two-stroke engine was superior. We turned our fastest lap times on the smoker, but we also turned our worst laps times on it. It could be faster, but it required lots of skill to be consistent. On the other hand, the YZF was like a bank clock—tick-tock, perfect lap times every time. The problem was that no one believed that the YZ two-stroke was faster, except for the dedicated old-schoolers.

The basic YZ two-stroke has hung in at around 46 horsepower for many years, while the latest version of the YZf is around 42 horsepower. It should be noted that since its introduction, the YZF four-stroke has been constantly gaining horsepower, while the YZ two-stroke has in stuck at 46 for years with little to no hope of Yamaha giving it anymore juice.

2018 Yamaha YZ250X

What does this prove? By our calculations, Yamaha has averaged a 5-horsepower increase every seven years on the YZF. Jamie is what you would call a top-notch, first-class, grade-A, blue-chip, five-star, under-the-radar engine builder who has been involved in multiple AMA championships. Jamie works as a consultant.

He refuses to pay these teams for logo placement. Because they come to him. We already know that he can produce a horsepower YZF. The advantage will shift to the YZF if you do that. You need to compare a hopped-up two-stroke against a hopped-up four-stroke to get the answer you are looking for. Jamie took a beat-up YZ two-stroke, which is essentially the same as the YZ, save for the plastics, and rebuilt it from scratch while adding his secret sauce to the engine.

Yamaha YZ250: review, history, specs

The idea was to hop-up the two bike, yz and YZF, to the same degree and see what happens. Let the battle begin! No expense was spared. It was made to go head to head against the factory bikes on the Supercross circuit. Not possible? He knows top-level teams hold their engine development close to their chests. This is where Jamie has a niche market.

He will give anyone the best engine money can buy, just as long as they can front the cash. It comes with a steep price tag, but Twisted Development has enough engines on the AMA circuit that Jamie can back up his claims.

When it comes to building top-notch thumpers, it is all in the parts. Jamie has his own spec on the piston and cams. The crankshaft was rebuilt by Crank Works. The transmission was sent out for a treatment process to reduce friction, and the bearings were switched out for ceramic. Probably the coolest feature of the bike is the dual-fuel injector system that Twisted Development borrowed from Kawasaki KXF to use on other brands.

The second injector is mounted upstream in the airbox. So, he went out and bought more than 10 different injectors and spent months testing them.The Yamaha YZ was a single cylinder, two-stroke motocross motorcycle produced by Yamaha between and It is one of the last two-stroke cc bikes still in production. Yamaha created the very first single-shock, production motocross bike ever. This was the beginning of the Yamaha Monocross machines that changed motocross forever.

The YZs of this time were near replicas of "Works Bikes" with their aluminum fuel tanks and light weight, lacking only magnesium engine cases and a few titanium pieces.

The engine was a liquid cooled single cylinder, two-stroke. Stopping was achieved via single disc. The YZFX was fitted with a 2. The bike weighed just The wheelbase was This model is technically a YZF by its letter designation but in this model's case the F signifies the year, not that it is a four-stroke. There's no F after the YZ so we're dealing with 2-stroke might, this time.

This model year received a lot of improvements, starting with a new, lighter and tougher swingarm and recalibrated suspensions, with more precise travel and providing even more control. In the engine department, the Yamaha YZ comes with a new cylinder head and combustion chamber, a reshaped exhaust port, and a revised second gear for explosive power deployment. The factory-spec racing clutch lever is adjustable, and the rear master cylinder and discs are also revamped. With around 40 years of YZ history, it was natural that the iteration carried on the acclaimed nerve and maneuverability, in a package with received multiple updates for even higher performance and more durability.

The forks went up to 48mm and received a new coating for smoother action, and titanium pegs shaved off some more weight. The YZ receives a new gripper-style seat cover, revised engine internals for a better mid-range power deployment, and an adjustable clutch lever for quick, on-the-fly fine tuning. Having received an all-new aluminum frame one year before, the YZ got a little more motocross edge thanks to some more tweaking and a new, hydro-formed swingarm.

The 48mm fork has also been revised, while the rear suspension got a top-drawer titanium spring, too. The trim of the YZ includes multiple works-style parts and technologies to allow riders to benefit from the best bang their money can buy. Save for the engine, which is a 2-stroke, the frame is almost identical to that of the 4-stroke machines.

The MY Yamaha YZ got a little more power from its cc reed-inducted single, with multiple revisions providing better performance for a lot of components, such as the cylinder, power valve system and carburetor.

Quick-access clutch and washable air filter make maintenance easier, reducing the time you'll spend in the garage. The competition-grade MX aluminum frame keeps the bike light and handling precise, while the speed-sensitive fork adds premium damping and compression characteristics to the ride. Add in Excel rims, Sun Star sprockets, Pro Taper bars and more top-drawer parts to get you past the finish line first.

The MY YZ is the perfect choice of you want to show someone how evil can a quarter-liter 2-stroke machine can be. The machine is infused with the best features of its 4-stroke siblings, and loaded with works-derived technologies, such as a titanium rear shock spring, aluminum frame, a new front rotor and twin piston caliper, Pro taper bars, an adjustable 48mm fork, quick-adjust clutch lever and a redesigned brake lever, as well.

The biggest 2-stroke off-road machine has just gotten better, and this calls for some hard riding, showing your friends who's the boss of the dirt track.

Only those who have ridden a 2-stroke quarter liter off-road machine know the adrenaline rush the amazing power and torque combined with a light weight brings If real-life racing sensations are one of the things you're looking for, then throwing a leg over the MY YZ is the natural thing to do.

The bike's seat was revised for better support and freedom of movement, while other components have been updated, with lower weight and enhanced performance. The bike also got a new anodized chain for this MY, but new wave rotors in the front and rear are also on the menu, as well as a new, re-valved fork. A 2-sstroke quarter-liter machine like the MY YZ is a true weapon in the hands of a skilled rider.F inally.

Giving it an infusion of GNCC blood would require proper amounts of off-road DNA that would not interfere with the positives of the lightweight motocrosser. The byproduct of this thinking is the new YZX, a motocross-based machine that has been optimized for the world of cross-country racing. But unless X-ray vision is one of your skills, the big news is hidden in the engine and chassis of the X.

yz250 hp

The engine is the same water-cooled, power-valved, carbureted design that has been around since Starting with the cylinder head: the volume was increased A totally new power valve shape helped match it to the exhaust port, the new YPVS timing via the governor and spring, and its tension all target changes to broaden the power, keep it linear and get rid of any hard hit that would hurt traction.

Other updates in the power department are CDI timing numbers that are delayed in the higher rpm and match up to the power valve and head changes for a smooth hit and tractable power delivery.

Mated to the new power flow is a reconfigured transmission, a wide-ratio unit designed to handle a broader range of riding conditions. Thankfully, Yamaha was smart and kept first and second unchanged, lowered third gear critical for off-roadand widened out fourth and fifth gears. The fourth cog is just slightly taller than on the YZ. Fifth is definitely an overdrive, equal to dropping five teeth on the rear sprocket.

Another zone Yamaha attacked was the clutch. Yamaha reduced the spring rate by 10 percent, which helps dramatically with a softer clutch pull. This smoother engagement and lighter pull help in longer off-road events. The frame remains a mix of aluminum castings, forging and extrusions, and the suspension is KYB. Rearward, the shock and linkage are YZ-based.

The spring rate is unchanged, but the valving is altered for better trail compliance and tractability. Last on the list of off-road updates are the sidestand, the inch rear wheel, silver Excel rims the YZs are blackDunlop AT81 tires and an O-ring chain.

The fuel tank was fit with a new petcock with a reserve. There are no handguards. The fuel tank is small. And, there is no spark arrestor.

yz250 hp

All three areas need attention. We like hand shields to deflect roost, frosty air and smaller brush hits. The stock fuel tank is good for maybe 30—35 miles of trail, which is not even in the hunt with the others. And since it is a red-sticker-legal bike, we need a spark arrestor to ride in a large portion of legal areas.

With that said, we were fortunate to have a brand-new YZ along for the test. The differences between the machines are staggering. The X starts easier less compression and makes soft yet immediate steam starting very low in the powerband. Also, the clutch pull is definitely stronger. On the trail the X is nearly hitless, yet has enough muscle to make things happen quickly. The gearbox is wonderful; third gear being tighter and well-suited to the power.

The combination lets you throttle down and ride in a relaxed state. The YZ is quite the opposite, feeling almost throbby on the trail, craving a throttle-and-clutch dance that has you blasting from turn to turn rather than tracking like the X prefers. Overall, the X desires trail obstacles and conditions that warrant tractability and a smooth throttle.

The YZ is a cut-and-thruster. It loves big hills and balks at technical terrain where you have to control the rear wheel with smooth throttle. Both ends are plush, take in chop and digest it easily.The Yamaha YZ is a two-stroke motocross race bike made by Yamaha. The model was launched in and has been regularly updated, and is one of the only two-stroke bikes of this displacement still in production, with new releases every year.

The original YZ of used an air-cooled cc two-stroke engine of 70 mm bore and a 64 mm stroke, which was improved semi-annually. The air-cooled motor was replaced in with a cc liquid-cooled two-stroke reed-valved engine with a YPVS exhaust valve for a wider spread of power. The bore on the water-cooled engine was reduced to 68 mm and the stroke was increased to 68 mm producing a displacement of cc.

Inthe bore was further reduced to The longer stroke engine resulted in a lower redline, slightly less top end power and greatly improved torque at lower RPM. The engine produces a peak On its introduction inthe YZ used a single backbone steel frame with a twin-shock swingarm. The following year, reflecting the factory racer Hakan Andersson's factory racer, the swingarm became a monoshock unit, initially made of steel, then aluminum from The swingarm rear suspension system featured more than 12" of travel, while the telescopic inverted front forks had All YZs feature front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

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yz250 hp

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yz250 hp

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