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Learn more View 38 Images. This is a bike built for the privateer cross country or endurance racer. All of these pieces coming together make the F-Si a great cross-country race bike.

Plenty of power transfers through the pedals for powerful sprints and fast climbs. Coming from the downhill and enduro world, I was impressed by the responsive cornering, and ability to get back onto the power and sprint from one section to the next.

The new Lefty Ocho fork was excellent. Once I was on the trail, I simply forget that I left half the fork at home. The Carbon 2 is a race bike built the way I would build it.

Since its introduction inthe single-sided, double crown, Lefty fork was the standout feature of many Cannondale mountain bikes. For model yearCannondale has introduced its most significant overhaul of the Lefty yet. The Lefty Ocho features a single crown design, for a claimed gram weight reduction compared to the previous Lefty. We pulled the Lefty Ocho Alloy off our test bike, put it on the scale.

Coming in at grams with remotethe Ocho Alloy is respectable. Besides the single-leg design, the other signature feature of the Lefty are the needle bearings that the lower leg rolls on as it moves in and out of the upper leg a standard two-leg mountain bike fork slides on circular bushings. Lefty stem options had been limited, but the Ocho has a standard 1.

The air-spring's filler valve is positioned for easier filling, and a bypass dimple inside the air pring allows the negative spring to set itself automatically based on positive-spring pressure. The IFP independent floating piston damper is new as well, and claimed to offer more consistent damping.

Overall, I was quite impressed with the new Lefty Ocho. It is a significant improvement over the Lefty 2.

And plenty stiff too. Riders who have never ridden a Lefty may worry about flex or wandering, but those worries are unjustified. You can rip on a Lefty. But will you feel a major difference on the trail between the Lefty and a standard fork? At least no more so than the difference between any two XC forks.

That said, the Lefty does have a nifty advantage for XC racers: you can change a flat without removing a wheel. The F-Si puts the rider into a full-on cross-country racer position. The degee head angle is subtly more slack by about a degree or so than other popular cross country hardtails. The chainstays sit at mm size medium which allows for quick corners and responsive handling. The bike feels and performs its best at speed.

The new Lefty performs admirably at, or just a touch below, the recommended pressures marked on the fork leg. The F-Si corners precisely, begging the rider to use a little less brake at the entrance, and to sprint out of it. I could commit to moving into full attack mode, pushing just as hard as I could through the climb, into the corner and pushing on the downhill.

The only piece missing was a dropper post.Based on your height, we suggest awhich works for heights ranging from to.

A faster, better thru-axle. The slotted dropout design lets the axle stay in the hub for quicker, easier wheel changes. Compatible with standard x12 thru-axle hubs. Cannondale's premium high-strength, high-stiffness carbon construction. Weight: 9. Find a bike shop near me. F-Si Carbon 2. Size What's my size? Height. Check Retailers. In Stock at Check Other Retailers. Close Sizing Geometry Sizing Tell us how tall you are, we'll help you find the right size.

Close Retailers Zip Code. The ultimate XC race bike. An integrated wheel sensor delivers hyper accurate speed, route and distance info, registers your bike, reminds you of needed service and more, all through the free Cannondale App. Flex zones and directional carbon layup allow the rear triangle and seat tube to absorb shock for better traction, higher speeds and minimized fatigue, whether seated or standing.

Go faster longer. Chain Shimano XT, speed. Rear Cogs Shimano XT,speed. Shifters Shimano XT, speed. Fork Lefty Ocho Carbon, Front Hub F Lefty Spokes Formula Grand Forza. Tire Size 2. Tires F Schwalbe Racing Ray Wheel Size Grips Cannondale Locking Grips. Handlebar Cannondale 1 Flat, Carbon, Saddle Fabric Scoop Flat Race, titanium rails. Seatpost Cannondale 2 Carbon Measurements Inches Centimeters.

Cannondale FSi Carbon 2 review

Close Geometry. Geometry Size:. Sizing Tell us how tall you are, we'll help you find the right size.Often the frame material and production process are altered as well. Even the entry model, the Carbon 2, has the Ballistec highmodulus carbon-fibre frame equipped with the new Lefty 2.

Out of the box, my large test bike weighed a svelte 22 lb. So, I signed up for the next local race on the schedule, which left me four days to get used to the bike and recon the race course before the start gun would go off. I wanted to test the bike as it comes out of the box. But after my pre-ride of the very hilly and rocky, root-strewn course, I realized that I was in for some suffering come race day. A bike that is going to be ridden at maximum effort for 90 minutes should have some degree of personal tweaking.

If this bike was my personal steed, I would swap out the inner tubes by adding the required valves and sealant for tubeless. I would have liked the handlebarmounted remote lockout that comes standard on the higher models. I found myself unable to switch between the open and locked settings fast enough in race situations, especially as a right-hander reaching for the lockout button on the only side the fork has, left.

Other than that, the fork performed well with no detectable stiction or flex, and setup was very quick and easy. When properly dialed in, this bike could take a more serious racer than me to the podium.

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F-Si Carbon 2 | Cross Country Bikes | Cannondale

Add your email to the Canadian Cycling newsletter mailing list:. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Newsletter Signup.Hardtails are quickly becoming more and more advanced machines, capable of not only flying up technical climbs but descending like a full-suspension trail bike.

The Cannonade FSI Carbon 2 is a perfect example of a cross-country race bike that rips down hill just as fast at it goes up. It was easy to see that Cannondale took their time with the FSI. Everything is built around efficiency and not accepting any compromise on the trail.

Najlepszy hardtail do wyścigów XC w roku 2017! Ekstremalny rower Cross Country.

The Carbon 2 has an X01 build kit with a 32t ring up front. Cannondale uses a couple of their in house accessories for the build such as a carbon flat bar, carbon SAVE seatpost, Fabric saddle, and of course Si cranks.

Up front doing the stopping is a set of Magura MT6 brakes. So far we have enjoyed some long days in the saddle and are anxious to see how much the FSI can handle. The wrecking crew strives to put as many miles on each test bike before we write a full review. Watch for the full write-up on this bike in the coming pages of Mountain Bike Action. This creates an ultra stiff rear wheel by reducing dish, and delivers the shortest chainstays on the market, dual chainring compatibility, tons of mud clearance, and a super responsive rear end.

This enables the super short chainstays while providing ample mud clearance for the tire and maintaining double and single ring compatibility. In back, the super short chainstays make the bike extremely agile for technical manuverability and crazy traction. This enhanced vertical compliance greatly improves rider comfort and rear wheel traction, so you can ride faster, longer. It has a more linear deflection curve, which means more comfort, especially for lighter riders, while maintaining strength for max loads.

test cannondale fsi carbon 2

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There are no surprises here. Every pre-owned bicycle we sell is serviced, inspected, and rated. Wear items — such as chains, brake pads, and tires — are replaced if they have less than 50 percent life. Beyond those consumables, the condition chart above shows you what to expect. To create every chart, our experts inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of The Overall Rating is the average of those individual components, helping you tell how much overall wear this bike has.

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The chart below provides a general suggested height of range for Mountain Bike sizes and is not exact.

Sizing may vary across brands. The tailoring of any bike is an important step in the long term enjoyment of riding and it can take time to adjust to the fit of a new bike. All contact points pedals, shoes, and saddle can be changed and altered for personal preference, performance, and comfort. These bicycles are good as new, often built right out of the box from the manufacturer.

Original stickers, parts, and accessories are included. The frame and wheels might have minor blemishes or scuffs from transportation or showroom display. Drivetrain, levers, cockpit, and suspension where applicable are in new condition. While these bikes have been ridden, they remain in excellent condition.

Frame and wheels show slight signs of wear with only minor scuffs and scratches — no paint chipping. The drivetrain shows light wear but the derailleurs, shifters, and levers have not sustained any damage. The cockpit has light wear, primarily on the grips or handlebar tape.The debate over You can argue forever about which wheel size is superior overall, but the reality is, each size has its strengths on the trail. Whether you are riding trail, downhill or, in this case, aggressive cross-country, there is a size that will suit your style of riding.

There is no better platform to test on than an aggressive hardtail if you really want to feel the subtle differences between The Scott Scale RC and Cannondale F-Si Carbon 2 are two of the most advanced hardtails available and have proven to be top performers in their fields.

We brought both of them into the MBA test fleet to see which one would reign supreme. Both of these exceptional bikes are designed for aggressive cross-country riders who are looking for every ounce of efficiency they can get from two wheels.

test cannondale fsi carbon 2

While each bike has specific fea- tures that will appeal to different types of cross-country riders, both are very capable. The Scale is one of the lightest bikes we have tested in a long time and plays to the weight-conscious rider. The F-Si boasts complex engineering that will appeal to the rider looking to try something built on a creative platform.

The Scale and F-Si are both high-end carbon frames that are just as light as they are stiff.

The Cannondale F-Si Carbon 2 Is a Privateer Racer's Dream

Scott uses its HMX carbon layup to increase frame stiffness and still provide a smooth ride. The Scott uses a standard tapered head tube and thru-axles on the front and rear to make the frame plenty stiff. The Scale has a very slack head angle of 69 degrees and The Cannondale uses a Ballistic Hi-Mod carbon frame that is strong but lightweight. For compliance, the frame has Speed Save chain and seatstays that allow the frame to better absorb rough parts of the trail.

This geometry is a game-changer, as it slackens the head angle to Part of this is attributed to the millimeter offset of the Lefty 2.

test cannondale fsi carbon 2

At first glance the Lefty 2. The Lefty works— and it works very well in the cross-country arena. With the fork locked out, the front end felt like it had a rigid fork on it. Complementing the Lefty are the Magura MT6 brakes. They have a huge range of modulation and are very well-suited for cross-country riding, especially with the reduced weight. Scott uses its own damper in the SID to give the fork three different settings, all of which are accessible via a remote lockout. The Syncros XR RC wheels were incredibly light and stiff, but they did flex a little bit on rough sections, which was a welcome feature given the stout seat tube and chainstays.

The small wheels and light weight of the Scale allowed us to throw the bike around easily, while we were blown away by the geometry and engineering of the F-Si.

test cannondale fsi carbon 2

We were eager to try for personal records on some of our favorite cross-country loops on the Scale. Given the low weight and smaller wheels, we assumed the Scale would rip down any descent we threw at it.

After the first handful of rides, we were pretty convinced the The small wheels were fun to ride, especially on descents.Cannondale has always been known for doing things differently, and their top-tier cross country hardtail is certainly no exception. The clue is in the name, as FSi stands for Flash System integration, meaning all the parts of the bike work in sync with one another.

Cannondale has achieved this by pushing the chainrings out by 6mm to stop the front mech hitting the tyre. To avoid this affecting the chainline, Cannondale has adjusted the dropouts so that the rear hub also sits 6mm to the right. The final piece in the puzzle is to spec a wheel with a different spoke offset, putting the rim back towards the centre of the frame.

It may sound complicated, but it basically means you get a stiffer rear end, whilst still having the option to run a front mech. Once out on the trail, this feathery weight translates into rapid acceleration, with a real feeling of speed and efficiency. We were worried the 9mm QR back-end could result in some loss of stiffness, but the mm chainstays and neutral dish on the rear wheel ensure none of your expended energy is going to waste.

This made a huge difference on steep climbs where the short rear-end helped maintain traction. It comes with a hydraulic lockout, but we found the fully locked out setting lacked a touch of finesse, being very firm. The FSi comes with a narrow The 2. We also encountered some trouble setting up the front Magura brake with the SRAM shifter, as the shifter simply seemed too far away from our thumb when the levers were set up correctly.

This may not be a problem for some, but many passionate cross country racers will know just how hard a season of racing can be, so having the option of reusing old parts can be a genuine lifesaver or, at least, a bikesaver. Most cross country bikes of old were fast, but suffered badly from boring, uninspiring handling. Cannondale FSi Carbon 2 review. Latest deals. Cons: All those proprietary parts mean repairs could be costly.

Skip to view product specifications. The Lefty fork is a head turner, but it does the job Steve Behr. The brake and shifter set-up required some attention Steve Behr.

The CZero wheelset weighs in at a touch over g Steve Behr. Race-ready with added fun factor Steve Behr. Joe Norledge. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. You may also like. Mountain Bikes. Cannondale Scalpel Carbon Team review. Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR review. Look Carbon — first ride review.

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