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Available to:. Teac Tascam PCB. Free Shipping! Description Item: knob, Specifications: front: 9. To view all the parts from this model. If the part you need is not listed on eBay it was defective or has already been sold.

We routinely list all parts except hardware. Mechanical linkages, and interconnecting wire. Parts Substitution We do not have a cross reference if one exists to determine if this part will be a good substitute in a different model.

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We will do our best to help with measurements. Values, etc. If you order a part and it turns out not to be a good substitute you can return it for a refund of the purchase price less shipping. Shipping of most small parts to U. Quantity Discount We offer a quantity discount when 2 or more parts are purchased from the same model number.

The purpose of this discount is to help those who need more than 1 part to refurbish a classic piece of equipment. Ebay invoicing does not allow for a discount of this type. If you are using a payment method other than Paypal please request a total including the discount before sending payment.

You can find additional details about quantity discounts on our. We charge only for shipping your item- no handli. Teac Mixer Knobs. Teac 3 Tascam analog mixer studio recording gear soundboard Knob Parts This listing is for one knob as shown. Teac 3 is the model of mixer it goes to. It is in excellent condition.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 4 of 4. Tascam MKii - Plays for 1 second then Stops???? Sign in to disable this ad. I read on a few other threads about this occurring in other models, but none of the same issues seem to be what I've got here.

I was recording with it today, then at the end of the tape it stopped as usual.

tascam 424 belt replacement

So I flipped the tape to continue recording and it started to engage the tape, and then clicked to stopping. I tried a few more times and figured that maybe it was the tape. So I tried another. I've tried twenty. Does the same, maddening thing! All lights, motorized functions etc. Any help would be appreciated, this is driving me nuts!

Is there a super-top-secret, malevolent button that I switched on or something? That is usually the capstan belt main drive belt that's slipping and needs to be replaced. However, up in the top of the cassette compartment there is a microswitch that you can hold by hand to simulate "cassette in place", and activate Play, FF, RW or REC with no cassette in the bay, just for test.

Also, when you depress this microswitch the capstan should rotate, and you can feel it with your fingertips. You should not be able to stop the capstan from spinning with moderate pressure. Being a MkII, I'd say "it's just the belt", and just to check that at the outset.

Originally Posted by Lt. Aw man thank you! Taped that sucker down and it works again!!! Will order a new belt for it soon, but thanks for the tip! Cool Man! If the cassette-in-place switch seems marginal, I believe you can adjust it's fine position from the inside, when you open it up to change the belt. If tape helps, that's just as good for now. Replies: 8 Last Post: Replies: 2 Last Post: Replies: 3 Last Post: Replies: 1 Last Post: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

All times are GMT The time now is All Rights Reserved. Enter your search terms Submit search form.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 3 of 3. Hi, A friend of mine recently got a free for free as it wasn't powering on. I bought a new power adapter for it and made sure it was the same exact one for the machine. I got the thing to turn on but after testing it I see that the capstan motor doesn't run at all.

The FF and RW will both work but the transport will not engage with the tape and the capstan doesn't turn. The problem is, the two places I found that used to sell the particular motor are no longer offering it. Does anyone know of a site or store that I could look into? Also, I have an old Porta02 that doesn't work and I was thinking that if the capstan motor is still good in that then maybe it would be a replacement for the ?

Doubt it but figured I'd look into it.

tascam 424 belt replacement

Hi Level Anything. As nobody has replied I just thought I'd mention that I thought one of the motors had stopped working on one of my s, only to find they had seized up as a result of the belts turning to gunge.

Worked fine after I had cleaned up around the shaft. I guess you tried his already Hey Findlay, This particular 4-track didn't have any belt degradation needing cleaning from the inside.

It's not mine, so I don't know if it's still got the original belts in it but the the capstan and counter belts that are in it now are pretty good, more or less. I turned the axle on it's own to see if it maybe just needed a push, but nothing worked. About to call it a day with this but I really wanted to get it going for my buddy who hasn't had one of these before.

We'll see. Replies: 4 Last Post: Tascam 38 Capstan Motor Issues? Replies: 21 Last Post: Tascam 38 capstan motor runs slowly?It worked flawlessly when I first got it. Recorded many a Xome tracks on the beast and eventually set it up so that the output of the 4-track was plugged into the soundcard on my computer. It was so handy having this setup to try out new gear and record that the Tascam almost never was powered down.

I decided to check out some old 4-track tapes recently and noticed that when I pressed play, rewind or any of the other tape transport buttons that the appropriate light would come on for a few seconds, some clicking was heard but it pooped-out. I decided to open her up and poke around a bit. But I finally found a place in Indiana called Studio Sound Electronics that carries the exact replacement. I found from the information on their site that it was a volt Mabuchi motor. I placed volts on the motor and yup, no movement.

I decided to order a replacement from Studio Sound Electronics. The motor arrived just a few days later. I popped in the new motor, soldered the 4 wires into place and put everything back together. Works like new again! One on each side is screwed through a plastic clip thing. You might want to put these away carefully so that you get the plastic clips on the correct sides when you put it back together.

Gently pull off the belt guide. You may want to memo where each of the wires go. Just make sure you have all your electrical connectors connected!

Excellent helpful guide for the replacement of a capstan drive motor on a Tascam MkII, it really helped me work out what was wrong by the symptom description alone.

Tascam 424 MkIII Portastudio

I have just today 20th March taken delivery of a system with the same problem, which I bought for spares or repair. When the motor gave out I was dissapointed but happy with its years of service. I also have the tascam and love it, but lately when recording or playing backthe sound will sometimes speed up or slow down. Could this also be the motor or maybe something to do with the pitch control switch?

Any guesses? Thank you for posting it!

Tascam Belt Kits

I have a feeling I may need to follow your instructions and parts source in the near future as I have just today taken delivery for free! Great explanation, I have tascam 8 channels with the same problem after many years of great service and dozen of tapes recorded!

Did not want to loose all my work! Thanka a lot to giving us the solution!International import tax, duty, vat, custom fees or any other charges are not covered by us, nor included in the shipping fees.

Please contact us if you have any problems with your purchase and we will strive to work it out with you. Tascam Portastudio Replacement Belt Kit. What is included: This kit includes the following belts: Capstan Counter Please note the belt may differ from the one pictured as the picture is for demonstration purposes only.

This kit has been put together for users who are familiar with the service procedure of the Tascam cassette decks.

tascam 424 belt replacement

We do not offer any support with the actual servicing of the unit, nor take any responsibility for anything after the sale of these parts. We are also selling belt kits for many other Tascam models like the, Ministudio, and more. Please see our other listings. Postage: Standard postage within Australia is free.

If you are in a remote area you may incur extra fees.

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Condition: These belts are brand new What is included: This kit includes the following belts: Capstan Counter Please note the belt may differ from the one pictured as the picture is for demonstration purposes only.

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Replacing a non-operational motor on a Tascam Portastudio 424 MKII

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