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Roborock E25 vs. E35 vs. S50: Robot Vacuum Comparison

Robotic vacuum cleaners have taken over the way we keep our floors clean. Without needing to lug around heavy canisters or push bulky uprights, our floors can remain as spotless as ever with the help of a tiny disc-shaped robot constantly patrolling in search of dust and crumbs to inhale. With numerous manufacturers releasing several models per year, needless to say, first-time buyers may become overwhelmed with finding the right robot.

From their Roborock line, the three models that stand out the most are the S4, S5, and S6. S4, S5, and S6 When it comes to vacuuming, the amount of suction power delivered by a robot vacuum cleaners is of utmost importance.

The good news is that all three of these Roborock vacs have suction in the bag. With a powerful motor, these bots can generate up to 2, Pa of suction on their highest cleaning mode. Roborock even boasts that these three are able to lift heavy AA batteries in a single pass without choking the inlet.

roborock s5 vs shark iq

The main difference is that this robot uses 14 sensors to do what the S5 does. The additional sensor is not overkill by any means — in fact, the more sensors there are, the better the chance that the robot will not fall or get trapped. Conclusion: Although the these three Roborocks use a similar LDS Navigation system, the number of sensors is what sets them apart.

S4 Many modern robotic vacuum cleaners are no longer a one-trick pony. S5 and S6 For those of you looking for a robot that both vacuums and mops, then look no further than the S5 and S6. Both of these advanced robotic vacs are made to sweep your floors clean then come back to wipe them down with a damp pad. To activate mopping, simply fill the tank with water, dampen the pad, then snap it into place on the bottom of the robot. They will automatically switch from vacuuming to mopping mode in an instant.

S4 and S5 Both the S4 and S5 come with large 5,mAh rechargeable batteries that supply up to minutes of non-stop cleaning per charge. They are both rated to cover at most 2, square feet of floor before needing to head back to their charging dock to refuel. S6 The S6 uses a similarly sized battery, but the amazing thing is that a full charge can provide up to minutes of continuous cleaning. Conclusion: Needless to say, more battery life means being able to cover a wider area per charge.

S4 All three of these Roborock vacuum bots can transition seamlessly from smooth to carpeted floors without the slightest hitch they can climb up to 2 cm. When walking on carpets, these robots will automatically adjust its suction pressure to the highest setting to pick up whatever crumbs the brushes manage to dislodge.

Conclusion: This is an extremely handy feature if there are wide areas of carpeting in your home or apartment. Dust hiding in medium-pile carpeting can be difficult to pick up, but with the reliable brushes combined with enhanced suction power, the S5 and S6 should be able to remove most, if not all, of whatever is lurking in your carpet without making multiple passes over the same area.

S4 and S6 Selective room cleaning is a function on the Mi Home App that allows users to choose which room the robot vac will clean. S5 Sadly, the S5 does not.Shark's Ion R85 has the top spot on our best robot vacuums page, mainly because it was one of the best at cleaning our floors.

But, like most other robot vacuums, you have to clean it after it's done with your floors. Shark's newest robot vacuum, the Shark IQ R, has a dustbin built into its base, which sucks out all the debris from the vacuum after each run. That way, you only have to periodically empty the dustbin—once every 30 cleanings, according to Shark.

The Shark IQ R has a dustbin in its base that collects the debris from the vacuum after each cleaning. This means you only have to empty the dustbin once every 30 vacuumings. View Deal.

All that would seem to make the Shark IQ R worth the investment. However, we should note a few things. Reviewers from Wired and Digital Trends noted that the R had trouble mapping its surroundings, to the point where Shark sent Wired a second unit.

Still, both reviewers gave the R a positive rating. Tom's Guide. Topics Smart Home. See all comments 0. No comments yet Comment from the forums.The vacuum cleaner became a breakthrough for the manufacturer and immediately achieved the title of a new flagship. The model is on par with such advanced robots as Roomba i7 and Roomba s9as it has the same key functions. First of all, Shark RAE is the only one of the entire Shark robot line that has a self-emptying function and dirt disposal base.

roborock s5 vs shark iq

Improved navigation is also worth noting. Dry cleaning is carried out by two side brushes with one ray and a central combined roller-brush. This extractor has both bristles for catching hair and silicone blades for more delicate work. In general, the robot meets all modern standards of quality and innovation.

The manufacturer equipped it with Recharge and Resume function, Wi-Fi connection and voice control, scheduled cleaning, magnetic limiters, and so on. Roomba i7 is one of the most innovative robot vacuum cleaners of the iRobot company. This model was released in and featured the ultimate cleaning and control tech. The robot vacuum uses a classic three-stage cleaning system that combines standard three-ray side brushes and completely new central silicone extractors.

Now they became longer to cover a larger square. The i7 has the Dirt Disposal base, which means it can empty the bin without any human participation. The iAdapt 3.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R101AE RV1001AE - Self Empty Base Dock - Review - PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS

You can also change the schedule or other settings as well as run the robot through voice control. The set of brushes, powerful Pa suction, and enlarged filter contribute to carpet vacuuming. And here is the third competitor of our review — the novelty of Xiaomi Roborock S6. Like the two previous robots, it was released inhas some improved features, and occupies the top of the Roborock hierarchical pyramid.

The robot belongs to the third and the last at the time generation of models, so it should have several changes compared to its predecessors. First of all, Roborock S6 performs both vacuuming and mopping. For dry cleaning, it applies a five-ray side brush, a central silicone roller, and Pa suction.

roborock s5 vs shark iq

During wet cleaning, the robot moistens a special fiber cloth installed on the bottom and wipes the surface. The model features quiet operation, thorough navigation, and modern management through the app and voice assistants.

Roomba i7 has quite comfortable dimensions, which are The weight of the item is 7. Roborock S6 Roborock S6 weighs a little bit more than the Roomba. The robot is as heavy as 7. Its case is also bigger for its width is Thus, the vacuum weighs only 6.

roborock s5 vs shark iq

All three robot vacuums have a round shape and can differ in colors. Depending on your home interior and taste, you can choose between a black or a white case. The main material is shockproof plastic with rubber inserts.

The Shark IQ RAE is the second robot vacuum in the family that navigates with sensors as well as some new and more thorough systems. The navigation is called IQ NAV, and in combination with the camera-based Mapping it transforms the robot into an intellectual, independent assistant. Now your bot can remember the rooms and the floors of the house, form the route, perform row by row movement, and cover the whole surface gradually.

Roomba i7 For the best navigation, Roomba i7 also uses the Imprint Smart Mapping and saves in memory the plans and names of rooms up to several floors. Here we find the additional iAdapt 3. So, the robot determines its location and possible obstacles on the way. All movements of Roomba i7 are preplanned.There is a trend that is overtaking the robot vacuum market.

What this trend is, is a feature that allows a robot vacuum to empty out its dustbin without you having to do it. Instead, the robot vacuums runs on its own, without your direct intervention. With your smartphone, you have access to a variety of different features. Features such as being able to create a custom schedule for the robot vacuum, as well as being able to turn the vacuum on, off, and telling the vacuum to recharge. However, you have access to another feature that is extremely useful.

When you open up the smartphone app, you can look at a map of your home. That way, you have complete control over where the robot vacuum goes. And, you can also create a schedule for those areas and spaces, which gives you even more control over that vacuuming process.

What makes it fantastic is the fact that you can use this robot vacuum to vacuum on any surface. Much of this power comes from the motor, which produces a great deal of suction power. But, credit must be given to the brushes, which are durable and strong.

Of course, the main feature is the automatic dirt disposal system! To use this system, you need to set up a device that the Shark IQ RAE comes with, and this device serves as the disposal bay. It has a bunch of great features, some excellent design attributes, and the automatic dirt disposal system works super well! And one of these reasons is simply because Roomba is a much more well-known type of robot vacuum than any of the robot vacuums that Shark has manufactured.

On this map, you can then choose the exact rooms and areas that you want to be vacuumed. You can also choose when you want them vacuumed, and how you want them vacuumed.

Most of this power comes from the motor, which can provide a considerable amount of suction. The suction that is produced by the motor is then combined with the brush system.

Shark IQ R101AE vs Roomba i7 vs Roborock S6

Both of these systems work extremely well, and they lead to an incredibly efficient and relatively fast vacuuming experience. The device itself is strong and durable, but also easy to set up.

Recommended Robot Vacuums Best of the Best! This website uses cookies and third party services. Best of the Best! Great for Carpets. Eufy 11S Slim.In recent years, Xiaomi, better known for its smartphones, has been actively investing in the production of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Devices are released under the common brand Roborockwhich already includes a lot of models. At the same time, unlike many Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi provides high-quality devices at a low price. Today we will have a look at two models — the mega-popular Roborock S5 and a new representative of the Roborock family, the dark horse in the market of robot cleaners Roborock V2also known as Xiaomi Viomi V2. Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock V2 or Xiaomi Viomi V2 somewhat gets out of the slender lineup of the famous Chinese brand.

The fact is that this robot, like some other Xiaomi devices, is not manufactured by the company itself, but by another contractor. Nevertheless, this robot vacuum cleaner is very similar to the first Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner. We can say that Viomi V2 is an improved version of the first Xiaomi robot vacuum, which features the additional laser navigation and mopping.

Roborock V2 has a presentable appearance, excellent technical specifications, functions, and is distinguished by modern navigation and mapping. A standard set of side and central brushes provides dry cleaning, and an additional water tank and microfiber carry out mopping. High quality, excellent selection of dirt, brilliant navigation, and additional floor mopping distinguish Roborock S5 among its competitors.

You will never believe that Roborock S5 is a relatively budget model if you look at it. The S5 looks, as well performs, much better than its base price suggests. We see the thoughtful design in both aesthetic and practical terms. On the underside of the robot, you can see a main rotating brush with bristles and rubber blades.

The combination is designed to trap dirt from any surface and facilitates absorption. There is also a side brush to sweep dust around the edges of the room.

The robot has several cleaning modes you can choose from. Plus, there is a Carpet mode for maximum suction on piled areas. For hard floors, we may also apply the mopping function. Just use a water tank and microfiber, with which the robot will wipe the surface. On top of the case, Roborock S5 has a laser base. It allows the robot to navigate even in large and complex spaces, as well as in complete darkness.Samsung Powerbot is a very popular and one of the most expensive options.

It's in the top 3 bestselling robotic vacuums and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Neato Robotics D7 or iRobot Roomba i7 Samsung Powerbot was released in There are a lot of newer robotic vacuums on the market.

Show newer Robotic Vacuums. Shark Ion Robot is a very popular option in the middle of the robotic vacuums price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling robotic vacuums and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Bobsweep Pro Bagless or Braava t. Shark Ion Robot was released in There are dozens of newer robotic vacuums on the market.

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Play video review. Know other great reviews of Samsung Powerbot? Link them here! We couldn't find any video reviews for Shark Ion Robot yet. Know any great reviews of Shark Ion Robot ? General Info.Cleaning characteristics for each robot vacuum cleaner including its filter, cyclonic action and if it is rated for use in homes with pets.

Robot Vacuums Stick Vacuums. Compare the dimensions, color and other physical characteristics of these two robot vacuums. Assembly Required. Bin Capacity. Cleaning Path Width.

Shark IQ R101AE vs. iRobot Roomba i7+: Automatic Dirt Disposal Robots

Magnetic Boundary Markers. Beacon Boundary Markers. Visual Mapping. Drop Sensor. Dirt Sensor. Onboard Camera s. Cleaning Pattern. Run and recharge time for each robot vacuum cleaner in the comparison.

Battery Type. Battery Voltage. Battery Run Time. Battery Recharge Time. Auto Shut-off. Auto Charge. The cleaning modes each robot vacuum in the comparison is equipped with. Normal Cleaning Mode. Manual Cleaning Mode. Spot Cleaning Mode. Repeat Cleaning Mode. Edge Cleaning Mode.

Variable Suction. HEPA Filter. Washable Filter. Full Bin Indicator. Made for Pet Hair. Cyclonic Action.